Local Video Marketing

The idea behind local video marketing is very simple. You’re using video to market and promote your brand. Video marketing essentially means using videos to achieve your online marketing goals. Online videos teach, explain, demonstrate, influence, or simply entertain.

Local video marketing has increasingly become the hottest online marketing format because of its versatility, and it is being eagerly adopted by newcomers and experts alike.

In fact, video marketing’s status as the “go to” favorite of online marketers can be attributed to how it allows them to easily capture the attention of prospective clients within seconds, while also creating a powerfully engaging experience that is impossible to replicate with static media.

Did you know that the 3 most-visited websites on the Internet are? Well! Number 1 is Google, followed by YouTube and third Facebook.

Because of this, video marketing is the perfect format to achieve any type of marketing goal and to go well beyond what other online marketing formats can achieve.

What Video Marketing can do for your Business


Local Video MarketingWe all know that the hardest part about any marketing venture is getting people to pay even the slightest bit of attention to it, and many marketers have found that any given marketing campaign can easily become a double-edged sword when implemented incorrectly.

This is especially true when businesses try to use online marketing to go viral, thinking that doing so is the best way to attract leads and sales, not knowing that going viral can simply leave them with a million-impression trail with zero sales to show for it.

But the good news is that using video marketing as a business can easily help you to go viral and send your marketing message across at the same time. That is because video marketing is, at its very heart, a storytelling format for your products, services, and offers.

Also, video marketing has the advantage that it can engage users within the first ten seconds of video, something that is not possible with other marketing formats. So for example, if a lead ignores your display ads once, they will ignore them for good even after you retarget them.

With a video, you have a 10-second window to engage your potential customer in a way that they are very likely to remember your brand later no matter what.

  1. Video attracts 3 times as much traffic as other content types.
  2. Web visitors spend 88% more time on a site that has video.
  3. About 65% of video viewers make it 3/4 of the way through a video (which is quite high when you consider how short attention spans are online)
  4. Visitors who watch a video are 85% more likely to buy than those that don’t

It is also more effective for a prospect to hear and see your message communicated in multi-media videos than to simply read plain text.

A video is great for communicating your brand message. Its ability to show visually what you’re all about is perfect for branding. It helps you create an image of your brand in your viewers’ minds.

One of the main advantages of video is that it allows you to build a strong relationship with your customers. It gives your business a human face, and this personal connection helps them get to know you. You don’t need to sell or promote, but simply entertain, inform and keep yourself on your customers’ radar.

Having a video on YouTube which is embedded on your website can help you rank higher in Search Engine results.No matter what you’re promoting, you can explain it better with a video.

Best of all, creating short YouTube Videos that explain your business is one of the best ways to present your services.

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