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Real Estate Marketing Ideas  – Tips for Doing Every Door Direct Mail

So today, I’ve got to do a video and Rachel’s going to be a part of it, right? So what I’m doing is Every Door Direct Mail. I’ve got all these questions about Every Door Direct Mail  why I am doing it? I’m doing Every Door Direct Mail because there’s a neighborhood that I’m targeting that if I could get five to six houses in that neighbourhood, you’d be so happy.

Direct MailSo it’s the neighborhood that we’re targeting and with Every Door Direct Mail, when I looked at it, you can send a bigger postcard with less postage.

So this is my Every Door Direct Mail postcard. If you see, this is my regular direct mail postcard. The postage is much less and you get a bigger card. Now, for the card, I use Postcard Mania. You don’t have to use Postcard Mania. You can use thousands and thousands of printing companies. The only thing you have to do is you have to let them know that it’s for Every Door Direct Mail because Every Door Direct mail has certain dimensions, weight of the card. You have to make sure you do not go over that weight and things like that. So if you tell them Every Door Direct Mail, they’ll know.

There’s a little postage stamp thing that they need to put on it and you don’t pay for the postage when you buy this.

You pay for the postage at the post office but this little stamp needs to be on that side. So that’s why I’m doing Every Door Direct Mail. Now, I’m going to answer some of the questions that I’ve got. Why am I doing it? I told you I’m saturating a market, bigger card less postage. The requirements? They have to pick your zip code and your route. Once you can do that, I get my list from a source and it already has, like for the properties, it has what zip code and route that they’re on. If you don’t have that, what you can do is just find out how in your target neighborhood, call the post office and ask what route that it’s on.

When you go into the Every Door Direct Mail, you’re going to see an outpost, USPS, this site, the link. You’re going to go and you’re going to pick your route.

It’s going to calculate the price and all this stuff and you have to pick that, your route. In each route, you have to bring your postcards to the post office that delivers to that route. And the website is going to tell you all that. You’re going to get a price and it’s going to tell you what post office you need to go to drop it off.

Now, when you go drop it off, it has to be in bundles. It has to be either bundles of 50 or bundles of 100. I do 50 because I think that’s easier because you can pick a route. Let say your route has 831 residents on it. That’s another thing. You’re going to pick residents, not businesses.

So, it’s easier for me to pull 31 out of 50 than to pull a whole bundle of a hundred then pick 31. It’s just easier with 50.


And then, on your USPS site, it’s going to give you the cover sheet to put over each bundle. You must do that. That’s why I’m stressing that here because the very first time I sent Every Door Direct Mail, I didn’t do that.

And the post office, they were like, ‘Oh, you have to do that.’ So I had to at the post office, with all these post cards, putting it in all these bundles, putting in the cover, etc. So you do that and then, I wanted to just give you a tip. For us, we’re looking for properties to buy. The first time I sent Every Door Direct Mail, I made a mistake. The route I picked had a humongous, huge apartment building on it. That was a complete waste of postage for me because I’m looking for houses, condos, townhouses.

So that’s what I need when I say how I do my routes now.

Even though you go online and you pick that you only want to go to residential, what I do is I actually drive to the route and I talk to the post man and ask what’s on that route. That’s how I found out there’s a huge apartment building and then, I just don’t pick that route because that’s a complete waste. That’s a neighbourhood that we have to have to stick to direct mail. So, those are my tips. I think I answered all the questions. If you still have questions about Every Door Direct Mail, I just really started it so I have to go over what’s my response to read and I can compare it to Direct Mail..

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